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Durable Double Glazing for Customers in Harrogate

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Why Choose Us?

  • High-Quality Double Glazing

    The best quality double glazing in Harrogate, courtesy of Select Products. Our well established, family-run company has an excellent local reputation, having installed superior double glazing to many homes throughout Harrogate.

  • FENSA Registered Supplier

    We understand that fantastic double glazing is only as good as it’s fitting. Our FENSA accreditation guarantees that as a company we are constantly vetted and monitored so that products from us will be fitted to the highest standards available in your Harrogate home.

  • Wide Range of Styles and Designs

    We offer Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Sliding Sash Windows, Wooden Casement Windows, Wooden Sliding Sash Windows, uPVC Doors, Composite Doors, Wooden Doors, French Doors, uPVC Bi-Fold Doors and Stable Doors.

  • Customisable and Personal Products

    Our wide collection of double glazed windows and doors in uPVC, timber and aluminium, are available in a variety of different colours and finishes. Our specialist team has helped many Harrogate customers find the perfect product for them.

Wonderful Double Glazing Harrogate

Our local family run business provides BFRC A-B+ energy rated uPVC, aluminium and timber windows, as well as a range of double glazed and composite doors. With many satisfied customers across Harrogate for our double glazing products.

Harrogate, we pride ourselves on traditional values and our reputable and trustworthy services.

In order to ensure you can start enjoying your double glazing as quickly, and easily as possible, we offer to take the reins on the whole process.  This means that throughout the whole installation process, we sort out any costs, any paperwork and any problems.

We’re also in complete compliance with government regulations, which means we are a trusted and legitimate double glazing source for your Harrogate property. We only offer the highest quality products and the highest quality service, at Select Products.

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Why Choose Our Double Glazing for your Home?

The standard of our double glazing guarantees that they will be a fantastic and wonderful addition to any and all Harrogate homes. By ensuring outstanding levels of thermal efficiency, security and durability, satisfaction is guaranteed with Select Products.

Here at Select Products, we want you to receive a quality double glazing service which is why all of our fitters are fully certified.  A number of other benefits include:

  • No high pressure sales tactics are employed by our company.
  • Free, no obligation double glazing quotes.
  • Written quotations on all our work.
  • Highly experienced, vetted and approved installers.
  • Excellent after sales service and care.

Accredited Double Glazing Benefits

Similarly, we offer products that are officially accredited in a number of ways and by a number of regulated partners. A number of our other such partnerships include:

  • We are FENSA registered: No 25947.
  • Our uPVC, timber and aluminium windows are BFRC energy rated so are highly energy efficient.
  • 10 year guarantee which is insured by HomePro.
  • Our offer high security Synerjy fourth generation window profiles.
  • We offer Planitherm Super Spacer 2DB noise reduction and Super Spacer Warm Edge technology.

Double glazing Harrogate

Highly Secure and Adaptable Double Glazing

These locks effortlessly combine steel shootbolts and mushroom headed steel cams, and will keep you, your family and your Harrogate property safe. We also cover all of our double glazing with a 10-year guarantee, which means that we’ve not only got your covered, we’ve got your covered for the long run.

The locks that guarantee your Harrogate home security are endorsed by the Master Locksmith Association, which means that the installation of the locks will be completed by a locksmith that has an exam based qualification from the MSA. Rest with the peace of mind that a trusted service can bring, with Select Products.

We also offer a double glazing upgrade from Secured by Design. This police backed initiative is designed to combat crime prevention, and therefore tests products for their ability to do just this. The SBD upgrade consists of additional features that have been through the exhaustive testing process that Secured by Design endorses. It’s never been easier to get the best, with Select Products.

Fantastic Quality Double Glazed Windows, HarrogateDouble Glazed Windows Harrogate

Double glazed windows quality is ensured by Select Product’s FENSA accreditation. This means that we are a vetted and monitored company, and all of your double glazed windows will be fitted safely and efficiently.

Buying double glazed windows from us will give you access to a range of benefits. Here at Select Products we are in complete compliance and competence with government regulations. Not only does this mean you’ll be purchasing our high quality double glazed windows from a trusted and reliable source, it also means they will be fitted in your Harrogate property by expert craftsman, who will get the job done perfectly.

We’ll even completely sort your double glazed windows installation, and we’ll sort out any costs or time you may otherwise spend on doing paperwork. We’ll make the whole process and smooth and easy and possible, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your new double glazed windows quickly, whilst you sit back and relax in your Harrogate home.

Keep Warm with our Double Glazed Windows

Our double glazing offers a standard of thermal efficiency that will greatly improve the heat retention of your home. This is achieved by using Planitherm glass throughout our range, which excels in design, performance and durability.

Our double glazing achieves an outstanding Window Energy Rating of B-A+, which means that when you put the heating on, you’re Harrogate property will not only get warmer, it will stay warmer for longer periods of time.  Our standard of quality will save you money on your heating bills, and reduce your carbon footprint!

All our products are specifically designed to be completely resistant to rotting, warping or discolouring for homes exposed to the British weather. We also offer the option of specially engineered wood, which is designed to resist warping and twisting, giving you the perfect addition to your home.

Double Glazing Harrogate prices

Outstanding Double Glazed Doors HarrogateDouble Glazed Doors Harrogate

All of our double glazed doors benefit greatly from our FENSA accreditation, as it means that when we fit our double glazed doors into your Harrogate home, it will be undertaken by our vetted and monitored craftsman. With Select Products you won’t have to settle for less.

We are also in complete compliance with all government regulations, and will take the reins on the whole double glazing doors installation process. This means that you’ll be enjoying high quality double glazing doors in no time, and you won’t be left wanting.

Safe and Secure Double Glazed Windows, HarrogateSecured by Design Harrogate

All of our double glazed windows are fitted with high security, multi-point shootbolt locking systems. This ensures a high standard of security by combining steel shootbolts and mushroom headed steel cams. Keep your Harrogate property safe and secure with our double glazed windows.

To ensure the integrity of our double glazed windows, all the locks that are fitted are endorsed by the Master Locksmith Association. This guarantees that the lock installation in your Harrogate home will be in the hands of a locksmith who has an exam based qualification from the MSA.  This means that the security of your Harrogate home will be resting upon exceptional standards of quality and reliability.

Our double glazed windows will also bring you complete peace of mind. All of our double glazed windows are installed with a 10-year guarantee, which will make sure that our double glazed windows are in it for the long run, and you’ll be able to enjoy them in your Harrogate problem until the cows come home.

If you want to achieve maximum Harrogate home security, you can opt for a Secured by Design upgrade. Secured by Design is a police initiative that specialises in crime prevention, and any product that sports their kitemark has undergone exhaustive, and comprehensive testing to ensure it upholds the highest standards of security available. If you choose this option, we’ll expertly fit an SBD upgraded locking system. Secure your Harrogate home today, with the best of the best.

BFRC HarrogateThermally Efficient Double Glazed Windows, Harrogate

Double glazed windows can greatly enhance the thermal efficiency of your Harrogate property. A substantial increase in heat retention allows the warmth to stay in your house for longer periods of time, which will result in you needing to put your heating on less.  Our double glazed windows will not only enable you to save on your energy bills, they will also cause a notable reduction in your carbon footprint. What’s not to love?

This high standard of double glazed windows thermal efficiency is achieved by the use of Planitherm glass. This glass design achieves an exceptional Window Energy Rating of B-A+. This measurement is given by the universally respected authority on the matter, The British Fenestration Rating Council. Our double glazed windows will always be performing at the highest levels and will continue to prove themselves to be a worthy investment for your Harrogate home.

Highly Secure Double Glazed Doors

Ensuring Harrogate home security, all of our double glazed doors are fitted with high security, shootbolt locking systems. These locks are completely endorsed by the Masters Locksmith Association, which means they are fitted by a locksmith who has an exam based qualification from MSA.

The locks that are fitted into all of our double glazed doors combine steel shootbolts and mushroom headed steel cams in order to ensure that intruders are kept outside where they belong. Ensure that you, your family and your property remain safe, with Select Products.

Double Glazed Doors Harrogate

Double Glazed Doors to Keep You Warm

High quality double glazed doors can completely enhance the heat retention of your Harrogate home. Thanks to Planitherm glass, our whole double glazed doors range benefits from amazing standards of design, performance and durability.

Double glazed doors thermal efficiency is measured via a Window Energy Rating system. All of our double glazed doors achieve an outstanding WER of B-A+, which means that they’ll keep the warmth inside your home where you want it.

Double Glazing Prices – uPVC and Cost Effective Home Improvements

uPVC windows and doors are one of the most cost effective options for your Harrogate home improvements.

This stunning double glazing provides superb style combined with impressive value for money, giving you savings on energy and enhancing the kerb appeal of your property.

Our uPVC windows and doors come from Synseal, the state of the art Synergy range of double glazing.

This ensures that even our standard range of windows and doors is anything but standard.

You will benefit from superior energy efficiency, keeping your home warmer for longer and saving you money on your energy costs. You will also be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a more secure property.

Our Synseal double glazing comes in a wide range of styles and designs, all of which are uniquely tailored to you.

Double Glazing Prices – Premium uPVC Windows and Doors

As well as our standard range of uPVC products, we also work with the StyleLine range to provide a premium range of double glazing.

Double Glazing Prices Harrogate

The StyleLine design uses a revolutionary manufacturing technique to create a fusion between technology and art.

This results in a seamless finish, a sturdier profile and a more insulating structure.

Our StyleLine windows and doors are inherently strong, making them fantastic for security. The innovative design creates a truly insulating profile, protecting your home from the cold.

The double glazing prices for our premium range of uPVC windows and doors in Harrogate are exceptional, giving you high end double glazing that is incredibly cost effective, and looks just like traditional timber construction.

Timber Double Glazing Prices – Keeping with Tradition

If you live in a period property or perhaps a home in a conservation area, then aesthetics are just as important as function. You need windows and doors that completely tie in with your Harrogate home.

Our double glazing range includes stylish, high quality wooden windows and doors that are precision engineered for exceptional all round performance.

Wooden Casement Windows Harrogate

Our wooden windows can be tailored to your home with a choice of timber and they even come with a 5 year guarantee that is backed by Home Pro for your peace of mind.

With wooden double glazing prices, you get traditional craftsmanship, exquisite style and an authentic replacement for your heritage windows and doors. So much comes with these windows, it is easy to see the excellent value for money they offer.

Aluminium Double Glazing Prices – Invest in Your Home

Aluminium double glazing prices in Harrogate may be slightly more expensive than other materials but with aluminium, you are making a long term investment.

One of the reasons aluminium windows and doors are fast becoming the most sought after home improvements, is that they offer stylish, contemporary designs that will last for many, many years to come.

Aluminium is robust and durable, making it a great choice for double glazing because it can be used to provide super slim profiles that are naturally secure.

We work with Smart Architectural Aluminium, so you can count on a range of styles and outstanding all round performance.

Our aluminium windows and doors are thermally efficient, highly secure, and offer impressive long term operation.

You can even tailor this stunning double glazing in an extensive range of colour finishes, unmatched by uPVC or timber.

Aluminium double glazing is a high end choice for your Harrogate home improvements, helping your home to excel and creating a beautiful finish that will be the envy of your neighbours.Double Glazing Prices Harrogate


Double Glazing Prices in Harrogate

If you are looking for double glazing in Harrogate then Select Products can offer you outstanding products and services. Get in contact with our team today to find a quote that is specific to your exact needs and requirements.

Alternatively you can utilise our online quotation tool, a quick and simple to use online product that allows you to cater your price to your specific home improvement project. This is by far the fastest way to begin your project.


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