Planitherm Double Glazing

Our established and reputable company provides all customers with Planitherm double glazing. Our double glazing is specially designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency and insulation. Providing you with low-E double glazing, Planitherm windows are highly efficient, especially when compared to standard double glazing products.

Our double glazing products meet and exceed all current Building Regulations and energy efficiency requirements. Our quality Planitherm glass comes in a wide range of high performance, multi-functional glazing options such as:

  • Self-Cleaning Glass
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Safety and Security
  • Obscured & Decorative Glazing

What is Planitherm Glass?

Planitherm glass is Europe’s best selling range of high-performance, low-emissivity glass. Here at Select Products, all our customers can benefit from this energy saving product.

This innovative glass is manufactured using advanced glass coating technology, using a special coating to reflect heat back into your home and preventing it from escaping through your windows. Enhancing natural sun light, the special coating allows natural light to flow abundantly into your home.

This solar heat gain combined with incredible thermal insulation, is what makes this glass highly energy efficient and the at the top of the glazing market.

Energy Efficient Windows

As Planitherm window installers we can provide you with A rated windows. Our windows will keep your home warm and help save you money on your energy bills. Choose Planitherm glass as the window of your choice and reduce those monthly outgoings.

Planitherm windows are known to be the most energy-efficient in the UK. At Select Products, all our highly affordable windows feature advanced energy saving properties. We only provide our customers with the best.

Double Glazing Prices

We can offer you free double glazing prices. Our double glazing prices calculator will provide you with an instant uPVC windows cost. Start your free double glazing quote today! Why not give s a call on 0113 257 8933 or get in touch with our friendly team via the online contact form. One of our double glazing experts will be more than happy to provide you with advice.

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