Here at Select Products we believe that quality matters. Double glazed windows and doors may be aesthetically pleasing, but if they do not perform well then they are hardly worth the investment. This is why our company aims to meet double glazing specifications, in order to ensure that you, the customer, receive high quality materials.

Security DiagramSecurity We Offer

8 Series Shootbolt Locking System

Manufactured from steel, our high security locking system provides maximum security through the use of mushroom headed steel cams and steel shootbolts:

•Shootbolts and mushroom cams are operated via a smooth reverse action gearbox

•Two mushroom cams on the gearbox provide additional sealing and security in the centre of the window

•Mushroom cams are adjustable for compression by +/-1mm

•Tested to 25,000 cycles at BBA

•Tested to BS7950 at UKAS accredited test laboratory. Test report Nos 2152 & 2179

We also offer:

  • Synerjy Fourth generation window system from Synseal.
  • Hammerlock Design. This 6 point locking system features a retracting centre lock and fame ingress which will keep your property extremely safe and secure.

Energy Efficient Double Glazing

Super SpacerOur double glazed windows and doors are extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.We offer EU energy label products on all our double glazed windows,ranging from A to C.

Super Spacer® 

  • 950 times less conductive than standard aluminium spacer, blocking thermal bridging from the outside surface. The Super Spacer® Warm Edge technology also features 2dB noise reduction, offering you excellent sound insulation.
  • 70% reduction in condensation
    Super Spacer® reduces condensation by up to 70% virtually eliminating the potential breeding ground for mould growth and the bacteria that can be harmful to those who suffer from asthma.
  • 65% warmer at the edge
    Windows fitted with Super Spacer® have a warmer internal edge temperature of up to 65% reducing heat loss through the edge of the glass

Products We Offer

Trickle Vents Egress Hinge Child Restrictors
Child Restrictors Hinge Bolts Handle Finishes
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