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Aluminium Doors in Leeds

Aluminium as a material for door construction is a versatile, strong and aesthetically pleasing option that can add a sleek and contemporary feel to any property. Our range of doors features the market-leading aluminium profile that excels in strength, durability, security, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

Here at Select Products, we offer a wide range of residential, patio and French doors. Exceptional thermal efficiency and structural innovation make these aluminium doors the front runners of aluminium design technology. Our impressive selection of aluminium doors is available throughout, Leeds, Bradford, Wetherby, Harrogate, Pudsey, Yeadon, Ilkley, Horsforth and Otley.

More Benefits of Aluminium Doors


Aluminium doors have a dependable lifespan and can be relied upon to maintain their integrity even over many years of use. They are not prone to rotting or warping like their traditional wooden equivalents, and so can be trusted to hold up against even the most unpredictable British weather.

Slim Line

This improved panoramic view is one of the main reasons that aluminium doors have become so popular with homeowners looking to make the most of their outside space, even when they are inside. As well as giving you a larger area to view your garden, lower sightlines also allow more natural light to flood into your home, making your space brilliantly bright and airy all year round.

Aluminium Door Prices Leeds


Our aluminium doors are highly secure. The inherent strength of aluminium acts as a solid foundation for door security and this, combined with our robust panels and hinges, create a reliable security standard that is consistent throughout the whole door.

The application of Smart’s hardware ensures that a shootbolt, multi-locking system keeps intruders out and your property safe. Dual locking on both handles also provides an extra level of protection to your home and family, so you can be sure you are receiving the highest level of defence.


Aluminium doors are versatile in their installation, allowing the consumer to choose whether their hinged doors open inwards or outwards, and which direction your sliding doors travel. This enables our aluminium doors to be installed into your existing home and garden layout with ease and with minimal disruption or needs to reorganise your home.

Our range can be fitted with a low threshold, allowing easy access for wheelchair users and pushchairs. Fitting flexibility means that these doors can accommodate your needs, allowing modification to panel count, as well as single or double door formats. Aluminium doors are lightweight and promote ease of use, causing them to be extremely user-friendly.

Colour Range

A great advantage of aluminium doors is the vast variety of colour choices available at your fingertips. This means the options are almost limitless to find the perfect shade to complement your home.

Our aluminium doors are additionally outfitted with powdered and scratch-resistant coatings. This ensures that your colours will keep their depth and fullness for a spectacular lifespan of 25 years, and means you can wave goodbye to time-consuming and costly re-painted and re-varnishing to keep your aluminium doors looking as great as day one.

Aluminium Doors Leeds

Energy Efficiency

Smart’s Thermal Breaker Technology is integrated into all of our aluminium doors, ensuring maximum high-performance energy efficiency. Part of our doors’ innovative thermal retention ability is the inclusion of polyamide, an exceptionally efficient thermal insulator that works to reduce air permeability.

Polyamide is installed within the inner and outer skins of the aluminium door to ensure that heat stays inside your property, reducing the need for additional heating of your home. Energy efficiency is paramount in saving you money on your energy bills, and can also reduce your carbon footprint which benefits the environment too.

Over 20 Years of Aluminium Door Fitting Experience

Select Products is a highly reputable TrustMark and BFRC registered company, so you can be sure that your home improvements are being undertaken by highly trained and skilled experts in their field. For your added peace of mind, all our aluminium doors come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

You can rest assured knowing that installing your aluminium doors with us will save you the headache of draughts or leaks often seen with inexperienced fitters, and this is backed up by our wealth of satisfied customers on Checkatrade.

Aluminium Doors Leeds

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