Stable Doors

Stable Doors

Stable doors are the perfect option for country farms or cottages and offer a classic and charming alternative to traditional doors. Their two halves open independently from one another, allowing for quick and easy ventilation whilst allowing you to keep your children and pets safe. Just because you are renovating your property doesn’t mean you have to lose the features that give it character.

Our stable doors allow homeowners to achieve a beautifully traditional, country look. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, they are sure to be a stunning addition to your property.

Stable Doors Leeds

The dual sash design that is the signature stable door design is not just skin deep, as it allows for enhanced functionality. You can operate the sashes individually from each other if you wish, which means you increase air flow and enhance views without compromising home security.

We also fit all our stable doors with high security locking systems and anti-snap locks, this ensures that although they may be traditional in appearance, they benefit from all the advancements of modern technology.

Select Product’s spectacular range of stable doors allows you to enjoy the classic heritage aesthetic with all the high-performance functionality that our customers require. These rurally styled stable doors are widely popular in West Yorkshire and are available in two highly performing materials- composite or uPVC.

We supply and fit our high-quality stable doors in Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley, Harrogate, Otley, Wetherby, Horsforth, Pudsey and Yeadon at very competitive prices and are proud to have received numerous positive reviews on Checkatrade praising our expert installation professionals’ reliability and workmanship. Your home will be in safe and capable hands with our 20 years of installation experience.

uPVC Stable Doors

Made using only the highest-grade uPVC materials, our uPVC stable doors offer both elegance and functionality at an industry leading standard. uPVC is both durable and easy to care for, meaning costly and time-consuming maintenance is a thing of the past. The occasional clean is all that will be needed to keep your stable door looking as good as the day it was installed.

Composite Stable Doors

Composite stable doors are manufactured using a combination of uPVC, insulating foam, wood and glass reinforced plastic, allowing them to benefit from the unique advantages of each material. Composite doors are well known for being extremely strong but also versatile, meaning they are resistant to extreme weather changes often seen with the unpredictable British weather.

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Composite Door Benefits

Highly Secure

The robust internal structure used in both our uPVC and composite stable doors also lends consistent robustness throughout the entire door frame, leaving no ‘weak spots’ that are vulnerable to attack from would-be intruders.

Easy Use

The handy, independently opening halves function allows you to quickly access your garden or increase ventilation into your home, whilst at the same time acting as a lockable gate for the safety of pets and young children.

Long Lifespan

We want you to spend time enjoying your doors, not maintaining them. That is why our stable doors are designed to require minimal effort on your part to keep them looking their best. To reduce hassle for you we have ensured that our products only require the occasional clean to stay looking as good as new- no more time-consuming maintenance needed. Our products are built to last. We are so confident in the longevity of our stable doors that we offer an impressive 10-year guarantee supported by HomePro for all our fantastic uPVC and composite designs. You can sleep easy knowing that you will enjoy the enhancement that our doors bring to your property for many years to come.

Energy Efficient

With pockets of warm air to reduce the heat your property loses to its surroundings, keeping it warmer for longer. Not only will this increase in insulation reduce your property’s carbon footprint, but it could also lower your heating bills throughout the colder winter months. This means you can be happy knowing buying your stable doors with us benefits the environment and your bank balance. This is achieved through their intelligent internal structure, designed to trap pockets of warm air inside the door’s frame.

Range of Colours

Our versatile stable doors are available in a variety of attractive colours – with such a wide choice available, you are sure to find a stunning match for your home. Whether you are looking for doors to blend in seamlessly or add a pop of colour to your house, we have the ideal shade for you. Customise even further with our spectacular range of decorative additions.

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