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Bespoke conservatories are a fantastic way of putting your mark on your home. Unique to you, we can tailor make and individually design conservatories that meet your specific requirements. As an Ultraframe installer, we have access to their bespoke range of house extensions so that you can decide on the perfect conservatory.

If you’ve been thinking about bespoke conservatories and house extensions, you’ll be able to get the best of both when you choose Select Products. Because we use Ultraframe– a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory products – you’ll be buying a product of quality.

With a range of Ultraframe products to choose from, we can introduce you to a wide portfolio of products designed to make bespoke conservatories look and feel more like a room. Which of our house extensions is better? A range of customisation options will be available, which we’ll be able to guide you on during the design stage.

Livinroof: The Perfect Accompaniment for Bespoke Conservatories

The Ultraframe Livinroof combines the benefits of a solid and glass roof. Bespoke conservatories come to life with this vibrantly designed but extremely practical system. Which will allow you to decide where you want the shaped glass panels to fit. You’ll be able to focus the light exactly where you want it, resulting in a room that’s bright and fresh.

The Livinroof is thermally efficient. It includes composite external panels and slab insulation made by Kingspan. Which work in close conjunction with the internal ceiling pelmet that’s infilled with mineral wool insulation for your additional comfort. Bespoke conservatories fitted with an Ultraframe Livinroof are comfortable all year round, whatever the weather.

The inclusion of a ceiling pelmet as standard means your new room will feel like a natural extension of your home, instead of a standalone space that sits separately from it. A vaulted ceiling can be fitted by one of our installers if you want to create a sense of space – but you can also opt for a suspended ceiling that continues the height of an adjoining room.

The Livinroof is ideal for bespoke conservatories and is:

  • Compatible with Ultraframe’s Classic Cornice, which hides guttering and transforms Bespoke conservatories by improving the appearance of their rooflines;
  • Always completed in a neutral – but aesthetically pleasing – the urban grey colour that’s suitable for any type of property – new build or heritage;
  • Easy to install, because its manufactured and pre-fabricated at Ultraframe’s factory, which means it’s ready to fit as soon as it arrives on site.

LivinRoof Bespoke Conservatory

Ultraroof Extension: Built with Bespoke Conservatories in Mind

Like the Livinroof, this is a solid roof system that’s ideal for bespoke conservatories can combine glazing and is suitable for house extensions. Although glazed sections can incorporate into its structure, it’s possible to request Velux windows. Which is ideal if you want to create an environment that’s private but still lets in lots of space-creating light.

Visually, the Ultraroof Extension looks stunning. It allows for the introduction of super insulated columns that add a sense of presence and style to the structure. Providing thermal efficiency levels many times higher than that of a brick pier equivalent. Bespoke conservatories fitted with this Ultraframe system stand out.

A sense of space is a guarantee with the Ultraroof Extension. The vaulted ceiling inside will make your new room feel spacious and comfortable because it will be plastered to create a homelier feel. Lighting and speakers can affix to the pelmet to enhance further the look and feel of a room that acts as an extension of your home.

Bespoke conservatories built using the Ultraroof can tailor to suit individual requirements. The ridging and hips in your conservatory roof using traditional or contemporary aluminium capping decorations. While your external fascia boards can be decorated with colours that will match your existing window frames to ensure continuity.

Ultraroof Bespoke Conservatories

Conservaglass: Keeping You Warm

Bespoke conservatory design are an all-year-round purpose, so they need to be comfortable. And we understand what the weather might be like, so we choose Ultraframe. Ultraframe uses high-performing Conservaglass in all its designs. This type of glazing is capable of preventing up to 83% of solar rays from penetrating during summer and will trap warmth when it’s most needed in winter.

Conservaglass makes cleaning Bespoke conservatories easy. The coating in the glass burns off unwanted debris that then washes away with the rain. You’ll devote your time to more meaningful tasks when you choose an Ultraframe conservatory roof. Which means you’ll be able to sit back and relax with a good book or entertain friends instead.

Comfort and convenience will be a guarantee when you choose Select Products as your installer. Our range of Ultraframe bespoke conservatories will provide you with a space that’s always the perfect temperature. Reduce your running costs and carbon footprint, while increasing the market value of your property at the same time.

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

We offer bespoke conservatories that are designed with style, designed for you and designed to last. We offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee via the trusted and respect Home Pro, and we also provide extra cover through Ultraframe’s conservatory roof guarantee.

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