uPVC French Casement Windows

Key Features

  • Beautiful Aesthetics

  • Thermally Efficient

  • High-Performance

  • Enhanced Security

  • Bespoke Design

  • Choice of Colours and Hardware

  • Touch of European Charm

Flush Casement Windows

Why Choose Our uPVC French Casement Windows?

Our French Casement Windows are a great way to add a touch of continental, European charm to your home. They have been designed to replicate the vintage look of traditional, elegant windows. We use a reinforced profile in all of our French Casement Windows, including recycled thermal inserts to further enhance the efficiency of your double glazing.

You can control the ventilation into your home. You can choose to have your windows wide open which creates an excellent level of fresh air to flood your home. You can also have them open, and secured being locked ajar so at night you can still have some fresh air come into your room.

Our French Casement Windows are an excellent way to reduce your energy bills too! Their thermally efficient design means, even in the coldest winter months your home will remain warm. Keeping the warm air in and the cold air out!

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Bespoke uPVC French Casement Windows

Our French Casement Windows can be made bespoke to you and your home. You can choose from 15 colours, and dual colours are available too! This means your French Casement Windows can match the internal design and external aesthetics of your home perfectly.

You can also choose from a range of handle options too, complementing the colour of your French Casement Windows. All of our handles come with secure key locking, and a push to release the locking mechanism. Not only will your windows look stunning but they help to keep unwanted intruders at bay!

To further enhance the choices surrounding your French Casement Window design, you can choose from two profile options too. You can choose between a Chamfered and Sculptured profile. The Scultuped profile offers a more traditional finish replicating the curves found on a traditional timber window. Compared to the Chamerferd frame which has more detailing features, contemporary aesthetics and straight sightlines.

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French Casement Windows Features


Bespoke Design

French Casement Windows can be designed to suit you and the style of your home perfectly. Choose from a range of colours, handles, hardware and accessories to create the perfect look for your home.

Thermally Efficient

Thermally Efficient

All of our French Casement Windows are thermally efficient. Helping to keep your home warm throughout the year. Helping to keep the warm air inside your home, saving you money on your heating bills.



We understand that having secure windows is a must for your home. Our French Casement Windows are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms so your home remains safe and secure!


French Casement Windows can add a touch of European and classic charm to your home. They offer excellent levels of ventilation, security and thermal efficiency. Their bespoke design also allows you to create the perfect look to enhance both the external aesthetics and interior design of your home.

A Casement Window is a standard window, where the window is normally made up from four smaller windows. Two larger ones on the bottom, and two smaller ones above. One smaller window, and one larger window open to all ventilation to your home.

A French Casement Window is made from two larger windows. Where both can open to allow for a wide span view, and ventilation of your home.

You can pick the colour, handles, hardware and accessories of your French Casement Windows so you can create the perfect addition to your home. This means that the aesthetics of the interior of your home can also be enhanced too, transforming your living space.

uPVC French Casement Window Prices

We have an online design tool which allows you to create your perfect French Casement Windows. You can choose the colours, handles and glazing options for your windows, and get an instant, online quote in return.

You can also give us a call on 01132 578 933, or fill out our online contact form and a member of our expert team will be on hand to answer all your French Casement Window questions and queries.

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