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At Select Products, we are proud to offer the complete range of cladding from Swish.  This high-performance uPVC cladding will enhance your property in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, Horsforth, Wetherby and Ilkley in countless ways. Cladding works to protect your brickwork from the elements, saving you from water damage and keeping your home structurally sound.  In addition, it can enhance the thermal performance of your property, making it more cost effective and warm.

The cladding products we offer meet – but often exceed – minimum industry standards and can be adapted to suit the needs of almost any property. Designed to offer lasting protection and outstanding aesthetic value, our cladding portfolio will be tailored to your requirements, robustly resist the harsh British weather and protect your home in the event of a fire. Why not contact our friendly team today for more information and a quote?

We work with the Swish range of cladding options because they offer a combination of quality and style, as well as being great value for money. The Swish range comes in a variety of styles, enabling you to create a look that you want for your property.  Cladding will add a fresh new style to your home, and you can tailor that to reflect your personal tastes. This means they are sure to be the perfect new addition to your home, complementing both your tastes and your budget. Add value to your home and protect it with cladding from Select Products.

Benefits of Cladding

The cladding is essential if you want to protect your roofline from weather damage. Our cladding from Swish is of the highest standard and will effectively control wind infiltration. This stops unwanted draughts from entering your property, as well as preventing heat from escaping. Your roofline will be perfectly preserved and your home well-insulated, thanks to our high-performing cladding.

Without cladding, rainwater will build up, which will damage your Leeds property. Select Products’ cladding and guttering control water run-off and prevents this from happening. Maintenance free and environmentally friendly, our uPVC cladding draws mainly on high-quality recycled materials so that it’s construction and will protect your roofline long into the future.

Flexible in design, our cladding comes in a range of designs which include: ‘Shiplap’, ‘Open V’, ‘Teegee’, ‘Feather Edge’ and ‘M-Boss Cladding’. As standard, our cladding comes in a wide range of colours and can adapt effortlessly to your property. So why not transform and protect your roofline with cladding, guttering, fascias and soffits installed by Select Products.

Outstanding Cladding Design

Our uPVC cladding also comes with several colour options too. Choose from the elegant range of co-extruded options for a tasteful finish which will complement your uPVC windows and doors, or, you can opt for our foil finishes.  These come in a variety of natural wood effect finishes, which look truly authentic and will enable you to have a luxury style for your home.

All our cladding styles and finishes are heard wearing too, designed to beat the British weather.  This means you can enjoy many years of beauty from your new cladding installation, without having to replace it.  Unlike timber cladding, our uPVC collection will never warp or rot, which is ideal for cost effective home improvements.  The colour finish will never fade or peel either, another great feature.

Keeping your cladding looking as fresh as the installation day is simple too.  All you must do is give it an occasional clean, removing any dirt or debris and it will look spectacular year after year. When we install your new cladding, we will ensure every detail is perfect, from the fit to the finish and even the trims.  Our cladding installations are superb, as we have an expert team on hand to complete the work.

Cladding Leeds

Unrivalled Cladding Quality

We offer the Swish range due to the superior features and benefits it provides. With BBA approval and it adheres to British Standard Kitemark BS 7619.  It is also fire resistant, so will make your home a safer place to be. Whatever your reason may be for adding new cladding to your property, our options are simply spectacular.

Our expert team will begin by surveying your home, ensuring cladding is the right option for you.  Once you are happy with your choices, we will order and install your new uPVC cladding in no time.  Our fitters are efficient and pride themselves on the quality of their work, so you can count on them creating the perfect installation.

Many homeowners are choosing to install cladding on their homes simply to enhance the architecture. Perhaps you have a period property and you want a timber look without the upkeep? Or perhaps you have a contemporary home where cladding will add style and protect your brickwork?

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