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  • Comprehensive Choice

    At Select Products, we believe in giving you a wide selection of front doors to choose from for your Collingham home. As a result, you can choose from double glazed uPVC front doors, composite doors, wooden and even aluminium doors.

  • High-Performance Doors

    We carefully select our residential doors from the ranges of leading manufacturers. This is why each door is guaranteed to give you high-quality features and performance. In fact, we offer a guarantee on the performance of our front doors.

  • Security First

    When we install your front door, we make sure that your Collingham home is sufficiently protected. This is why we have the security fittings installed by locksmiths from the Master Locksmiths Association..

  • Doors for Warmth

    With our front doors, you will be able to create a warmer home in Collingham. This is because we provide you with residential doors that conserve your heat, and reduce the need for constant heating. As a result, you get a cosier home and lower heating bills.

Attractive Front Doors

Our front doors are designed for tailored performance as well as looks. We offer all our doors in such a range of colours and finishes that you can customise each one based on your needs and taste.

We at Select Products are a FENSA-registered company. This means that we uphold the standards set by this regulatory body. As a result, you get an installation that is regulations-compliant, efficient and looks beautiful.

With our front doors, you will never have to worry about poor performance. We offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee that is backed with insurance from HomePro. As a result, you know that if your front doors don’t perform as promised, you are covered.

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Gorgeous Front Doors in Collingham

Here at Select Products, we ensure that our Collingham customers get a comprehensive selection of front doors from which to choose. This is why we offer all manners of designs as well as materials. As a result, you are more likely to get the perfect residential door for your home. As part of our service, we give you a beautiful spectrum of colours you can choose. In this way, you can tailor your door’s appearance to match your property, décor, and your taste.

You can also choose from our spectacular woodgrain finishes, giving your front door the authentic timber look. However, style is not all these front doors provide. In fact, we are confident that our stunning front doors will improve more than just the kerb appeal of your home. You will also see a difference in your home’s performance.

Residential Doors with Great Features

The first change you will notice is the warmth inside your home. Our doors provide efficient insulation, so your rooms stay warm long after you’ve turned the heating off. Moreover, our glazing from Planitherm ensures a high Windows Energy Ratings. As a result, you will notice a marked reduction in your heating bills.

Your front door is also responsible for keeping your home safe. We even have locksmiths from Master Locksmiths Association who will install the high-security locks.

Finally, we provide front doors in a selection of materials so you can get the features that are most important to you for your home in Collingham.

front doors with great features

uPVC Front Doors

With uPVC front doors, you get a combination of great features at a cost-effective price. These 100% recyclable doors offer extremely high thermal efficiency to give you a warmer home. They are strong and resilient, giving you more security. Their resilience also helps them withstand damage. In fact, our uPVC front doors require minimal care and still retain their new-like appearance and high performance.

Composite Front Doors

Our composite front doors come from industry-leading names like Rockdoor and Consort. These residential doors give you better durability and thermal performance than most of the materials. This is because these doors are made up of a combination of materials. As a result, you get the strengths of each but none of their weaknesses. Moreover, these beautifully-designed doors offer a variety of design choices. You can even get composite front doors that look just like wooden doors.

Composite Front Doors Collingham

Wooden Front Doors

With our wooden front doors, you get the authentic timber look, but without the problems that come with original timber doors. These durable doors don’t require regular polishing, varnishing or painting. However, they offer the same durability and long-term visual appeal. What’s more, these stunning residential doors offer a variety of looks and styles. This way, you can find wooden front doors for a modern home just as easily as one for a traditional or a rustic-looking property in Collingham.

Front Door Prices in Collingham

If you are looking for no-obligation and free front door quotes for your Collingham property, you can get them easily with Select Products. In fact, you can get them instantly with our online quoting engine. Simply enter your requirements, and this clever tool will give you an accurate estimate in a few minutes.

You can also send us a message online and we will get back to you. Simply fill up our online contact form and send it to us with your queries and contact details. We will get in touch with you with the answers you need.

In case you want to speak to us directly, you can call our team on 0113 257 8933, or send us an email at

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