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  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • Highly Secure

  • Highly Durable

  • Impeccable Finish

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We are proud to combine a wealth of installation experience with StyleLine’s state of the art uPVC technology. Offering you a stunning selection of windows and doors that are second to none in quality. These industry-leading products are the result of a pioneering manufacturing process that sets their products apart from the competition.

Utilising the very best in uPVC design to deliver a superior standard of uPVC, these popular uPVC windows and doors, therefore, have excellent attention to detail and faultless finishing. This exceptional level of craftsmanship has resulted in windows and doors with an immaculate smooth finish across the entire StyleLine range.

These uPVC doors and windows possess an outstanding quality of security and energy efficiency, so you can enhance your home with a range of products that are as high performing as they are beautiful. Our fantastic collection of StyleLine uPVC doors and windows is available across Leeds, Pudsey, Ilkley, Harrogate, Horsforth, Yeadon, Wetherby, Bradford and Otley.

Distinguished uPVC Window and Door Quality

The StyleLine range has established a first-rate structural design, allowing for an unmatched quality of uPVC doors and windows. This unbeatable standard maintains consistently throughout the whole StyleLine collection. As a result, you can be sure that these premium products will stand the test of time as all our uPVC doors and windows have quality assurance with a 10-year manufacturer-backed warranty.

Whatever the property style in your area, we have the perfect StyleLine windows and doors to complement your house. Upgrade modern family homes with our universally flattering sparkling white finish and let the unique character of your home shine through. However, period properties may instead benefit from our wood styles and can enhance the heritage look of your residence.

All our elegant StyleLine windows and doors can have a range of decorative additions. These additions can include a selection of Georgian bars and an extensive choice of stains, bevels and leaded glass. Whatever home improvement style you are looking for, we are sure that you will find the perfect complementary StyleLine windows and doors with us.

StyleLine: The Refined Approach to uPVC Design

All our StyleLine windows and doors use market-leading fabrication processes. This process allows for attention to detail of the highest order and has generated exquisite finishes across the Styleline range. Your average uPVC window or door construction consists of joining frame sections through a heating and welding process. This process produces excess plastic to build up in the joint welds, which therefore causes unattractive and undesirable grooves during the cleaning process.

The StyleLine range uses a state-of-the-art Seamless Quad Welder to exclusively bypass this process, avoiding any grooves forming. This machine pushes any plastic residue inside the chambers of the uPVC profile, resulting in a seamless weld at the joint. These innovative uPVC windows and doors are left with uniquely attractive corner grooves that are the first of their kind. Not only are these corner grooves much more aesthetically pleasing, but they also comply with the BSI Kitemark BS7950 and PAS24.

StyleLine Prices Leeds

uPVC: Strength and Durability

The uPVC’s weld strength is fortified because excess plastic is pushed inside the window during the manufacturing process. This revolutionary welding technique increases endurance and resilience within the uPVC frame. Highly durable windows and doors mean your home protection is higher from the often unpredictable British weather.

uPVC requires no additional re-painting or re-varnishing. So the hassle to keep your windows and doors looking new is a thing of the past. Our StyleLine products are maintenance-free, requiring occasional cleans ensuring you a stress-free product lifespan.

Highly Secured uPVC Windows and Doors

StyleLine uPVC doors and windows have security assurance through steel reinforcing, internal beading and a uniquely remarkable weld strength. The extra stability provided to StyleLine window and door frames from their unique structure provide a uniform high-performance durability throughout.

A multi-point, shootbolt locking system combined with key locking handles will ensure a premium standard of security. We understand the safety of your family is paramount, so locking handles are a fantastic child-safety measure.

uPVC window sashes are intelligently designed to snap when faced with an attempted forced entry. This denies the potential intruder a point of leverage, meaning they cannot force open the locked window. As a result, leaving you with no doubt that your home is always defended.

These uPVC windows and doors are far more durable than your average uPVC window or door.

StyleLine Prices Leeds

Energy Efficiency of StyleLine uPVC Windows and Doors

StyleLine uPVC doors and windows are A-grade energy rated as standard; this means they have the highest level of insulation and thermal efficiency available. By retaining the warmth of your home, our uPVC windows and doors will save you money on your energy bills.

Our windows and doors are available in double, or triple glazing to match a wide host of budgets and needs. Low sightline gaskets and double weather-seals ensure every window and door will not falter. The glass area allows you to enjoy the surrounding views and as a result, will increase the level of natural lighting in your home.

Features of Our Styleline Windows and Doors


Market-Leading Design

Our windows and doors are made to the highest standards of modern technologies, allowing us to provide the highest quality uPVC products. We offer a wide range of Styleline window and door styles so you can be sure to find the right style for you.


Impeccable Finish

We offer the highest attention to quality and detail in every window and door we supply. With their immaculate finish to the sash and outerframe, our Styleline windows and doors are the most advanced in the market.


Stronger and More Resistant

Using a revolutionary welding process, our Styleline windows and doors contain a strong and resistant frame. This outerframe makes our uPVC windows and doors exceptionally secure, efficient and more durable than other standard uPVC products.


Highly Secure

Our Styleline windows and doors come with multi-point shootbolts locking and clever locking key handles. These features combined, create an incredibly strong, durable product. Compliant with British Standard Kitemark, our Styleline products provide maximum security.

Thermally Efficient

Energy Efficient

Our Styeline uPVC windows and doors offer superior levels of energy efficiency for your home, contributing to a more insulated, thermally efficient home. You can be sure that our uPVC windows and doors will provide you with the peace of mind that you have made a worthwhile addition to your home.


Unique Corner Grooves

Traditional uPVC windows and doors are finished with obvious grooved corners; however, our revolutionary design consists of unique corner grooves. These grooves make the corner cleaning process completely redundant.


Our Styleline windows and doors use state of the art uPVC technology to provide homeowners with a stunning selection of high-quality uPVC windows and doors.

Our uPVC doors prices can vary depending on your requirements, to receive a tailored quote to your needs, use our uPVC door calculator.

Our uPVC windows cost calculator can provide with a tailored quote based on your exact requirements.

StyleLine uPVC Window and Door Prices

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