Garage Doors in Leeds

Here at Select Products, we have a wide collection of electric garage doors. All our electric garage doors are made to measure, so no matter your garage size, Select Products will provide you with the perfect fit.

Remote Control Operation

There is no need to leave your vehicle with our stylish, top of the range garage doors. All our doors come with a key fob consisting of two compact handsets, which allow you to open your garage door from the comfort of your car. In the likelihood of a power failure, our doors can still be opened manually from the inside, with the use of a manual winding handle. Be prepared for every situation, with our versatile electric garage doors.

Attractive Collection

Select Products boasts a wide collection of electric garage doors -all available in a choice of colours and wood finishes. Our modern range allows you to choose a door that complements your existing paintwork, providing you with a co-ordinated look. Better yet, our garage doors will not require any painting or varnishing due to their low maintenance finish.

Safety & Security

Our electric garage doors are fitted with robust roller shutters, (manufactured from aluminium) to ensure your door stands strong, even amidst  the most extreme temperatures. This tough insulation helps to lower your energy costs as well as providing you with effective sound insulation.

Featuring a high security barrier, your Select Products garage door will keep your vehicle well protected. All our electric garage doors are integrated with infra-red, photo electric safety beams. Before your door closes, this innovative technology can detect any possible obstructions, helping to prevent injury or damage.

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